The FOURTH season of MAGOR events are getting ready to launch in 2024. If you already mine on the AlienWorlds to extract that sweet TLM then you need to know that if you mine the land of MAGOR 22:1, you can also earn NFTs from some of Byron's different art collections.
There are often Collectible Art puzzles for you to assemble by finding all the pieces in the land and then  crafting. 

How to start? Grab a mining pass.
Only accounts with mining passes can receive the NFTs from Magor 22:1 

To be elgible for airdrops by mining the land you need to:

There are 3 pieces per hour airdropped to miners that meet these requirements.
When there are consistently more than 30 miners per hour then the # of pieces distributed per hour will go up to 4

At 50 miners per hour it will increate to 5 per hour.

See the stats here: